With over 30 years of experience teaching classical methods to hundreds of students, Peggy Wheelwright has developed a unique way of teaching classical skills using her own arrangements. This teaching method supplements a portion of the students’ curriculum with contemporary, Christmas and sacred arrangements. Peggy’s arrangements keep the students motivated to practice not only their classical repertoire but their “fun” pieces as well. They continue to learn and progress while mastering difficult techniques using this exciting curriculum.

Peggy’s arrangements have been designed to coincide with Suzuki Level 1-2, Level 3-4, Level 5-6 and Level 7+ so that every student in the studio will be able to participate.  The students are thrilled not only to practice the music, but to perform it in front of audiences.  The Level 7+ arrangements are challenging for an advanced student or adult.

String Arrangements by Peggy allows the teacher to customize each piece to fit the needs of their studio. Each arrangement can be played with the melody part (Level 3-4) and one, two or three additional parts. For example, students can play Level 3-4 and Level 1-2 together. If the studio doesn’t have beginning students, the teacher could use Level 3-4, Level 5-6 & Level 7+ together.


Peggy’s music is exciting for all levels. She has taken the time to thoughtfully arrange the 4 parts by different Suzuki book levels which makes it thrilling for all my students to play. My students love to play these Christmas tunes together and they sound great! Really fun! Peggy is an incredible musician and has thrown in some stylistic rhythms and harmonies that will really entice the listener and captivate my students. Thanks Peggy!
Kristiana Henderson

Suzuki Teacher, Ballet West Associate Principal 2nd Violin

I am a Suzuki violin/viola teacher and core violinist with The Ballet West Orchestra. Several years ago I heard Peggy’s violin group Pizzicato Strings performing amazing Christmas arrangements. I am so excited that they are now available for purchase! They are innovative and fun yet remarkably layered from Suzuki level 1 through 7. Simply put, Peggy’s arrangements work! They are a beautiful addition to our repertoire and my students love playing them.
Ruth Godfrey

Suzuki Teacher, Ballet West Orchestra

I love the arrangements of Peggy Wheelwright! They are fresh new sounds to beautiful pieces. The kids love to play them together! It’s exciting to have some fun new Christmas arrangements that are beautiful and very affordable!
Kathy Smoot

Suzuki Teacher, New American Philharmonic


Do you have any questions about String Arrangements By Peggy?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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