About String Arrangements By Peggy

Peggy’s  arrangements are designed to allow the student to learn their classical repertoire while supplementing their practice with her arrangements. Peggy’s 4-part arrangements generally coincide with Suzuki Level 1-2, Level 3-4, Level 5-6 and Level 7+. The Level 7+ arrangements are challenging for an advanced student or adult.

As part of her studio, Peggy teaches a performing group which consists of youth with ages ranging from age 4 to 18. She found it difficult to find good string arrangements that would cater to the beginner and also the advanced student and began writing her own arrangements.

Peggy not only uses her arrangements to supplement their classical education but to give her students the experience to perform in front of large audiences. Her students have performed throughout Italy, Taiwan, and the United States.  They also perform at numerous community events throughout the year. The music they play is lauded by audiences young and old alike. While playing the arrangements, the students learn valuable skills such as learning to listen to one another as they play in four part harmony. This training helps them learn the skills they need to play in quartets and orchestras in the future. Peggy’s beginning and intermediate students strive to practice hard so they can progress and someday have the opportunity to play the advanced parts.



Do you have any questions about String Arrangements By Peggy?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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